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If you are in need to rent Teradek Bolt Pro 2000s, then look no further then Absolute Rentals. With Absolute’s “Next Flight Guarantee” Service we can ship the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 anywhere in the United States often with same day service. As an Example, If you are in San Francisco and need to rent Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 on a Tuesday afternoon, Simply call our Los Angeles office, The Teradek Bolt Pro Rental will be available for pick up typically by 2:15, at either SFO or Oakland. At Absolute Rentals, we make it easy to rent Teradek Bolt Pro 2000s







Cut Terdek Bolt Bond & Cube Cut Down
ID Make Model Daily
32565 Teradek Bond (Cellular Wireless) $850
32691 Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 (2nd Gen) $400
32692 Teradek Cube 255 HD-SDI Decoder $175
32693 Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Decoder $150
32694 Teradek Bolt Pro $200
32695 Teradek Cube 305 HD-SDI Decoder $175
32695 Teradek Cube 105 HD-SDI Decoder $175
32695 Teradek Clip $175
32063 Teradek Array $20


HD Wireless

Cubelets™ Encoder/Decoder PairCube™ Encoder/Decoder pairing is the ideal solution for turnkey on-set video monitoring. Use the Cube™ Encoder to stream HD video over WiFi, then connect the Cube™ Decoder to a small hand-held monitor or a professional field monitor to receive the signal and view video up to 1080p24. Cube decoders are available in both HDMI and HD-SDI versions.For news gathering the Encoder/Decoder pair allows broadcasters to untether from the ENG van eliminating the need to run long cables back to the van, giving the advantage of freedom of movement to the journalist for capturing the critic action.

  • Rent the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000   $400 Day
  • Rent the Teradek Bolt Pro           $200 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 100        $100 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 120        $100 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 150        $100 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 300        $100 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 320        $100 Day
  • Rent the Teradek CUBE 350        $100 Day

Absolute Rentals is the perfect company for all of you Terdek Rental needs. Our IT department can walk you through your entire workflow, both at our shop as well as out at the location. Whether you require a Teradek 150 Rental, a Teradek 350 rental or even a Teradek Bond Rental then let the good people of Absolute Rentals assist you with your Teradek needs. Although Absolute Rentals is located in Los Angeles California, we ship all over the world. So if you need a Teradek Las Vegas Rental, a Teradek New York Rental, a Teradek Chicago Rental or even a Teradek Miami rental, then Absolute Rentals is ready to ship to you.