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Avid Storage


AVID ISIS 5000 16 TERABYTE $2000
AVID ISIS 5000 32 TERABYTE $2500

Rental Description

Avid ISIS 5000 shared storage sets a new value benchmark for reliable, flexible, high performance media access enabling new workflow efficiencies that directly impact your bottom line. With up to 90 client connections, 144 TB useable capacity, and the reliable linear performance of ISIS, the power to boost your productivity has never been more affordable.

Reliable performance
Delivering reliable, high-value performance for a wide range of facilities, ISIS 5000 leverages experience gained from thousands of demanding shared storage deployments. Based on the leading storage software for real time media production – the ISIS File System – ISIS 5000 provides the same real time media access, intelligent self-balancing data architecture, and predictable, linear scalability as the enterprise ISIS 7000 (formerly Unity ISIS) product range.

ISIS technology is unmatched in efficiently harnessing bandwidth to support media production and every ISIS 5000 model meets Avid’s high standards for real-time editorial workflow support, backed by the most rigorous testing and verification in the industry.

Collaborative capability
ISIS 5000 easily adapts to a variety of workflow environments, supporting Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter, Symphony, DS editors, and Pro Tools, as well as Apple Final Cut Pro. FlexDrive dynamically scalable storage workspace technology enhances collaboration and productivity by adjusting storage to your business needs instead of requiring you to work around its limitations. By comparison, other systems have no or limited workspace flexibility, no ability to support both Mac and PC in the same workspace, and may even require storage to be dedicated to a single media type.

Qualification with Avid Interplay asset management and AirSpeed Multi Stream servers brings the full power and capability of Avid end-to-end workflows to a wide range of broadcast, post production, education, and government content creation environments worldwide.

Fits your needs
Facility fit is assured with a choice of capacity ranges that typically scale in 32TB blocks and can support up to 90 switched client connections. Each ISIS 5000 Storage Engine houses sixteen 2 TB disk drives arrayed in three 4+1 RAID5 sets plus a hot spare drive. The ISIS 5000 Engine houses an ISIS System Director CPU that performs system metadata management. The System Director is protected with mirrored, field-replaceable system drives and if needed, operation can easily shift to the System Director in a different Engine.


Avid ISIS 5000 Engine
  • Windows Storage Server 2008 64-bit
  • Rack mount ready; 3U rack height
  • Sixteen 1TB or 2TB SATA II (7,200 rpm) media drives
  • Three 4+1 RAID-5 ranks plus hot spare
  • Automatic drive failure sensing and rebuild
  • Lockable front bezel
  • Dual power supplies and fans
  • Internal ISIS System Director metadata management
  • Redundant, mirrored SATA II system drives (rear accessible, hot swap)
  • Lockable front bezel
ISIS 5000 
Dimensions Environmental
  • Width (mounting):17.00 in./432mm. (total) 18.81
  • Height: 5.25 in./133mm.
  • Depth: 29.00 in./737mm.
  • Max Weight (shipping): 112 ilb/50.8kg
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
  • Non-operating Temperature: -40°C to 50°C
  • Relative Humidity (operating): 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Max power consumption: 380W
Network Switching Platform Support
Cisco Catalyst

  • 4948E: Rack mount 1RU stackable 48-port 1GigE; 48 line-rate 10/100/1000Base-T ports;
    2 10GigE uplink interfaces
  • 4900M: Rack mount 1GigE & 10GigE; 8 10GigE ports plus 2 modules; 20 line-rate 10/100/1000Base-T ports
  • 4500-X: Rack mount 16x or 32x 1GigE/10GigE. Optional 8 port 10GigE uplink module

Dell Force10 Networks

  • Rack mount 1RU stackable 24 or 48 port
  • S25N: 24 10/100/1000Base-T; 4 alternate SFP optical; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
  • S25P: 24 SFP optical 1GigE ports; 4 alternate 10/100/1000Base-T ports; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
  • S60: 44 10/100/1000Base-T ports; 4 SFP optical 1GigE ports; 2 slots for 10GigE and/or switch stacking
  • S4810: 48 1GigE/10GigE SFP+ optical interfaces, unpopulated

Arista networks

  • 7048T – 48 x 1Gb ports, four 10GigE SFP+ ports
  • Qualified operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32 bit)
    • Microsoft Windows Vista Business (64 bit)
    • Microsoft Windows version 7 (64-bit)
    • Macintosh Lion 10.7 (64-bit)
    • Macintosh Mountain Lion 10.8 (64-bit)
  • Qualified network connections
    • 1 Gbit Ethernet
    • Dual 1Gbit Ethernet connections
    • 10 GigE Ethernet connections
  • Files/Folders: 3 Million
  • User Accounts: 5000
  • User Groups: 1000
  • Avid editor support:
    • Media Composer
    • Pro Tools
    • Symphony
    • NewsCutter
    • DS
    • iNEWS Instinct
    • Interplay Production Asset Manager
    • Interplay Central
    • Interplay Sphere
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 7 support
  • Adobe Premiere CS6
ISIS 5000 Network Interfaces (10GigE NIC is an option for 16TB Engine)
  • 10G Ethernet NIC XFP+
  • 4 ports 1G Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
Avid ISIS File System
  • 64-bit self balancing, distributed file system
  • Enables real-time access to the storage blades
  • Distributes file system management among clients, storage blades, and System Director
Administration Tools
  • Dynamic workspace set-up and monitoring
  • FlexDrive™ dynamically adjustable storage workspaces without editing interruption
  • User administration: view, create, define workgroups, delete and assign passwords
    • Active Directory (LDAP) integration for user account synchronization with IT systems
    • User workspace access controls
  • Pictorial system component health monitoring and status notification
  • Error warning and informational logging
  • Monitoring: user status, workspace status, comprehensive event log, read and write bandwidth usage
  • Remote notification of system events


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