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Absolute Rentals @ Smoke Out 2010 or Rent Pro Tools will travel

When the Smoke Out Tour 2010 returned to San Bernardino the decision of where to rent Pro Tools must have been an easy one . Absolute Rentals of course!! (Shameless Plug # 1) As the Ceo of Absolute Rentals, I was both proud and pleased to be invited back for a second year.  Smoke out 2009 was such a fun and rewarding event, that when we got the call to record the show for a second year I jumped at the chance.  Although Absolute Rentals is not the only rental company to rent Pro Tools in Los Angeles, it is in my  opinion, we are best suited for gigs like this. (Shameless Plug #2)

For anyone that has not had the experience of watching a seasoned crew, transform a empty parking lot into an major concert venue, do it, get there, be involved, volunteer,  or do what ever else is necessary.   It is one thing to book an existing venue and add some lights, sound, food, and oh yah, rent  pro tools systems form Absolute Rentals (Shameless Plug # 3) but it is something completely different to do a custom build out from a parking lot with some surrounding buildings. Guerrilla Union had it down to a science.


They not only had on the Main Stage,  Incubus, Manu Chao, Slightly  Stupid, Cypress Hill, Nas & Damian Marley, Atmosphere, Living Legends but  the also had the Indonesai stage.




The Indosia Stage offered  Erykah Badu, Maldita Vacindad, Living Colour, Collie Buddz, Iration, Los Rakas, Against the gir, Bobo & Rhettmatic.  This all was captured on, go on, guess what I’m going to say,  ughhhhhhhhh, Absolute Rentals Pro Tools Rental System.  Ok where was I.

In the, “Massive Stoned Garden”, They hosted such DJs asDeadmus, Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, Chuckie, Dan Black, Reza, Lenny V, DJ Muggs, Pablo Hason

There were vendors, and Food Trucks, activists  and all kinds of fun crazy people, wearing crazy get ups of every kind.  The one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that I never witnessed and fights or anger.  That many people in small location, just having fun. IT WAS A BLAST.

So to wrap this up, If you have an event that needs to be recorded:

Rent Pro Tools from Absolute Rentals (Shameless Plug # 4)
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Rent Pro Tools from Absolute Rentals call 310 560 2373
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