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Rent the Canon C300 from Absolute Rentals

The simple and intuitive Canon C300 is bliss, a dedicated video camera with large sensor, interchangeable lenses, and no compromises, striking the perfect balance between being customizable and user-friendly. The C300 is quickly becoming the go-to camera to  shoot TV commercials, Indy feature films, broadcast TV shows, and high-end documentaries, splitting the difference between the guerilla filmmaker’s $3,000 video capable DSLR solution and a top cinema camera such as the $40,000 RED.

Camera & Lenses

Absolute Rentals recently added the Canon C300 to its rental inventory because of its superior imaging quality. Not unlike the revolution in the world of photography that was sparked by Canon’s introduction of the EOS 5D Mark II, a similar groundswell of feverish enthusiasm is bubbling around the Canon EOS C300. The camera’s tack sharp image quality even in low light, its versatility and portability, and the fact that it shoots an aliasing-free, 35mm image recorded to compact flash at broadcast specs has gotten the attention of the production industry
at every level from professional to aspirin. Customers rent the Canon C300 from Absolute Rentals for everything from Indy feature film production and TV production, to live streaming production. Equipped with an HD­‐SDI out, the Canon C300 is now being recognized as a great choice for a live streaming camera, easily integrating with NewTek’s Tricaster using a HD‐SDI connection. The superior image quality of the Canon C300 has raised the bar again for live streaming production and exploded interest in all areas of the production industry to rent the Canon C300. Absolute Rentals is a complete production rental facility, so when you rent the Canon C300 from Absolute Rentals, we can also outfit your live stream production with a NewTek Tricaster 300, a Tricaster 455, or a Tricaster 855.

If you want to rent the Canon C300 for video capture only, Absolute Rentals is also your source for wireless audio packages, lighting kits, and Final Cut Pro editing stations. While there continues to be much discussion and comparison between the Canon C300 and RED’s Scarlet, unless you absolutely have to have 4k footage the Canon C300 may well deserve your consideration, especially if your production goal is to have your footage shot, edited, and distributed as fast as possible with minimal post-­ production costs. Putting all the production variables on the table, most of which typically bump up against a budget, the Canon C300 is a great camera to rent. In addition to the Canon C300 becoming wildly popular for broadcast production, many have observed the Canon C300 has an image that shares qualities with the Alexa which may push use of the Canon C300 as a B Cam, Crash Cam, or even a tight spaces camera for use with A Cam Alexa shows. Absolute Rentals is located at N San Fernando Blvd in Burbank, CA. If you’ve got a production coming up and think you’d like to rent the Canon C300 or you would just like more information about the camera and the pricing to rent the C300, please call us at: (818)842-­‐2828 or at (310)560-­‐2373.