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Tricaster Repair

Tricaster Repair

The team at Absolute Live Productions are both excited and proud, and we have the opportunity to announce there is finally a fantastic solution for TriCaster repair and Tricaster maintenance here in Los Angeles. With ALP’s dead pool of technicians, technical directors, production design engineers and IT personnel, we can offer fast and immediate services. While it is true that many of the higher level functions can only be serviced directly from Newtek, call us can assist you in understanding whether your issues can be fixed quickly efficiently and most of all, locally. In the event your system does need to take the journey back to San Antonio, then the rental department and Absolute Live can assist you in a temporary TriCaster solution.


The systems we carry in stock are:

Tricaster Repair

Tricaster TC1
Newtek NC1
Newtek Sparks
TriCaster 8000
TriCaster 860 (Advanced Edition)
TriCatser Mini (SDI Only – SDI to HDMI Converters Available on Request)
TriCatser 460 (Advanced Edition)
TriCaster 300

Additional Newtek Items
Newtek 3Play 425
Newtek 3Play 4800
Newtek 3Play 8200
Newtek Talkshow VS100

Call us anytime day or night. Even though we can not promise that we will have a Technician available to drop by at the moment every time. Our commitment to keeping your project on the air gives us the work ethic to be available as often as humanly possible.

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