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Studio Technologies Model 210

Studio Technologies Model 210 Announcer Consoles are Now Available

Many of Absolute Rentals clients are live streaming production companies for Traditional Sports and ESports. Over the years we have rented everything from wired and wireless com systems, 1000 to 3000-foot fiber runs, Fido’s, broadcast cameras, Newtek 3plays for slow motion, jibs and Steadicams, IFBs, teleprompters, Mobile Cellular Broadcast systems and so much more. We have had many requests for the Studio Technologies Model 210 Announcer¬†Consoles available for rental. Until now we have always had to offer an alternative solution or merely assist in the search to locate these highly sought after rental items.

Our rental inventory now has two rental packages available. The first package features three Studio Technologies model 210 announcer consoles along with the three HMD 26 headsets. Our second package is very similar to the first package in that it offers the studio technologies model 210 announcer console along with the HMD 26 headsets as well. The primary difference between package one and package two is that package two only has two consoles and two headsets.

Both of our systems are built into ready to fly pelican cases and available anywhere in the United States typically we can accommodate same day delivery.

So if you’re working in traditional sports broadcast or ESports live streaming look no further than Absolute Rentals to assist in adding the professional touch with you’re equipment rental package.