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Graphic Servers

Graphic Servers

Make Model Daily
Ross XPression $850.00
Ross XPression GO! $700.00
Custom Graphic Server $450.00
Operator Graphic Operator (Rate based on a 10 hour day) $800

With live streaming tending to parallel what we have all ways expected from network television and professional sports broadcasts,  the need for an integrated graphics solution has become a critical part of many projects.  While it is true that some live streaming switching systems offer an onboard graphics option, typically these switcher add-ons are on the simpler side of the scale and do not provide the robust flexibility that a professional project requires.

There are many graphics systems on the market today that all provide a wide range of delivering professionally created graphics.  Over the past few years, Absolute Live Productions has offered its graphics systems and operators for such shows as Rocket League, HearthStone & Clash Royal.

Absolute’s operators have experience with the Ross Expression, ChyronHego, NewTek’s LiveGraphics as well as our custom designed graphics servers.

When Absolute Live Productions is hired to produce the entire live stream or merely the graphic elements our first step is to debrief our client to understand the need of the specific project. It is at this time that we will  work through the details and learn if we are designing the entire graphics package from scratch, taking existing graphics and modifying them for a specific desired result or creating a playout of a complete pre rendered graphics package


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