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3Play 425 Instant Replay

Rent the 3Play 425 Instant Replay

Make Model Daily
Newtek TimeWarp $125
Newtek 3Play 425 $700
Newtek 3Play 820 $900

Every sports broadcast is only as good as its replay system.  Replay has been so ingrained in the way sports fans experience their teams broadcasts that it simply does not feel like a game without it.  With Newteks 425 3play system you can now offer professional results at a price point that will simply not break the bank.   Traditionally the 3play was designed for local broadcasters, school teams and emerging leagues, however it has become widely accepted as a replay system capable of handling the larger events as well.

Absolute Live Productions (Absolute Rentals sister company)  has used Newteks three play for such live streams as,  MCLA Lacrosse Championship, Las Vegas MMA Fights, Stand Up Promotions Muay Thai fight live from the Nokia, USC College Football, BMX, Stay Strong Event Live from the Stephen Murray compound, USA vs. Iran Volleyball etc.

On the rental side of things Absolute Rentals has provided the 3play both with an operator as well as free standing to such sports as,  Surf competitions,

  • 6-channel live replay—4-in, 2-out— to feed video boards or broadcast
  • Network-quality production in native HD
  • Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library
  • Compact, 2RU design fits perfectly in control rooms and production vehicles of all sizes