Jimmy Jib Triangle

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Jimmy Jib Triangle
When creating a professional-looking video project, nothing enhances the overall result like a Jimmy Jib Triangle. Although there are many ways to achieve camera motion, it is a Jib that has the best versatility for creativity, giving you big wide sweeping shots, overhead product reveals, close up & ground level insert shots that open up in a dramatic pull back.

Our Jimmy Jib Operators understand the need for any production. So long hours, multiple locations, last minute changes are all considered part of the experience. When you hire production crew from Absolute, you hire a pro willing to go the extra mile to assist a director realize their vision while providing a positive attitude and a commitment to perfection.

Our Jimmy Jibs can be set up in multiple configurations. Each Jib Triangle will arrive with the remote head system, controllers, HD video monitor, remote lens control for almost any lens (ENG, LANC, EF, and PL / Cine), and a remote follow-focus.

Make Model Day
Jimmy Jib Triangle (6′ – 12′ reach)     $700
Jimmy Jib Triangle (15′ – 24′ reach)     $800
Jimmy Jib Triangle (30′ – 40′ reach)     $900
Jib Operator (10 Hours)     $700
Jib Tech Remote Head Tech (10 Hours)      Call
Jib Assist Utility (10 Hours)      Call
PA (10 Hours)      Call

We have used our Jibs on Live Streams, TV Shows, Motion Pictures, Sports Events, ESports Events, Music Videos, Commercials, and much more.

If you need a Jib Rental in Los Angeles, a Jib Rental in Texas, or even a Jib Rental in Washington DC, the team at Absolute Rentals is here to make your production look fantastic.

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A clip from The Ellen Show where they utilized our 24 foot Jimmy Jib Triangle to capture this special moment.