Our virtual production rentals division provides our clients with the delivery of stunning visual projects for XR, AR, and VR productions through a range of technical facilities and creative services.

Our team has been producing a wide variety of projects that range from commercials, games, to corporate and educational projects.  Our Virtual Production team can be available for on-site training, on-site production services, on-site support, or remote support.

Make Model Daily
Black Magic Ultimate 12 with Control Surface $600
Make Model Weekly

 Ryzen 9 5950X Workstation

AMD Threadripper 3975WX Workstation $450
Intel i9-10980XE Workstation $365
Intel i7-8700K Workstation $200
Intel i9-10980XE $365
Apple 27″ iMac Pro 18 Core $350
Apple Mac Pro 24-Core Intel Xeon 3.0GHz (4.1GHz Overclock) $475
Zero Density Reality Engine Call
Zero Density Reality Keyer Call
Zero Density Reality Editor Call
Zero Density Reality Control Call
Zero Density Reality Hub Call
 Mo-Sys Star Tracker System Call