Camera Support & Batteries

Our inventory is always being updated. Please enquire with any specific requests for camera support equipment. Browse our camera department for Digital Cinema Cameras, Lenses, Mattebox, Follow Focus, and Jimmy Jib rentals.

Camera Support

Make Model Daily
O’Connor 120EX Fluid Head $175
O’Connor 2575 Fluid Head $150
O’Connor 2560 Fluid Head (Mitchell or 150mm) $125
O’Connor 2060 Fluid Head $100
O’Connor Mitchell Standard Legs $25
O’Connor Mitchell Baby Legs $25
Ronford Baker Mitchell Standard Legs $25
Ronford Baker Mitchell Baby Legs $25
Mitchell High Hat $15
Mitchell Low Hat $15
Sachtler 150mm Standard Legs $25
Sachtler 150mm Baby Legs $25
O’Connor 1030 Fluid Head & Legs $100
Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head & Legs $100
Cartoni Focus Fluid Head & Legs $35
100mm High Hat $15
Manfrotto 501 Video Tripod with Soft Case $25
Arri Geared Head I $200
Cartoni Lambda 2-Axis Head $200
Tango II Swing Head $150
Ronford Baker Rolling Spreaders $45
Sachtler Rolling Spreaders $45
CineSaddle Marsupial Support Bag $25
Shape Composite Grip Camera Support $25


Make Model Daily
Anton Bauer VCLX Block Batteries $100
Anton Bauer Cine 150 Batteries $25
Anton Bauer Dionic HC Batteries $25
Anton Bauer Hytron 140 Batteries $25
Core SWX HyperCore 98Wh 14.8V V-Mount Battery $25
Core SWX HyperCore 98Wh 14.8V Gold Mount Battery $25
Core SWX HyperCore 150Wh 14.8V Gold Mount Battery $25