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Follow Focus

Manual follow focus camera accessories and wireless focus control mechanisms.

Make Model Daily
Arri FF-5 Follow Focus
Arri FF-4 Follow Focus $50
Arri MFF-2 Lightweight Follow Focus $35
Arri MFF-1 Lightweight Follow Focus $35
Preston FIZ3 3-Channel Wireless System $450
Preston G4 Single-Channel with MDR-4 System $ $250
Arri WCU-4 3-Channel Wireless System $500
Arri SXU-1 Single-Channel with AMC-1 System $250
Bartech Analogue Single-Channel System $150
Heden Carat Single-Channel System $150

Matte Box Camera Accessories

Make Model Daily
Arri MB-18 4×5 $60
Arri MB-19 4×5 $60
Arri MB-20 II 4×5 $60
Arri LMB-4×5 Clip-On $60
Arri LMB-25 4×5 Clip-On $50
Arri MMB-2 4×5 Clip-On LWS $45
Arri MMB-1 4×5 LWS $45
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom 4×5 Clip-On $35
Arri MB-14 6×6 $100
Arri LMB-6 6×6 Clip-On $75
Arri LMB-4 6×6 Clip-On $75