LiveU LU800 4 Channel Cellular Bonded Rental

LiveU 800 4 Input Cellular Bonded Rental

LiveU 800 4 Input Cellular Bonded Rental – Whether you’re producing a Multi-Camera live stream, Field producing a remote live news piece, Satalite media tour, Sports Remi, or a studio live shot, there is no better tool than the LiveU LU800. Utilizing a LiveU LU800 in your production tool chest is a method to deliver your signal directly to the news studio, satellite facility, Remi Studio, or the Web.

The LiveU LU800 offers exceptional 5G native to ensure your mission-critical transmissions have optimal conditions for a successful broadcast.
Absolute Rentals LiveU LU800 offers up to 8 x 5G modems with high-efficiency internal antennas. There are a variety of resolution options that are up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth & richness. For Multi-camera projects, offer up to 4 fully synced feeds & flexible unit/station switching.

Additional functions include video Return, tally light & audio connect. When you rent a Lu800, you can rest easy with the option to have 16 audio channels for richer audio production. One of the most exciting features is the 2 Ethernet & 2 WiFi, allowing your production to use the LU800 as a backup internet option while still engaging the landline ethernet for the most flexibility.

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