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There have been many changes in the field of live production over the past few years.  It wasn’t very long ago at all that the capture of a live event required a large crew utilizing multiple production trucks full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of production equipment. There were both trucks for production video and production sound. It’s true that there’s still a valid place for production trucks in today’s live production workflow, but it’s equally true that if you decide to simply rent a TriCaster from Absolute Rentals or another Los Angeles rental house can reduce the cost of a live taping or live broadcast by as much as 90% or more depending on the production.  In the past, many productions that might have been broadcast and captured for future generations went without the decision to tape the show simply because the costs were far to great for the production to consider it. Now that times have changed, technology has enabled even the smallest of budgets to afford a full production and live broadcast simply by renting the TriCaster.  Indeed the decision to rent a TriCaster has become an invaluable resource that has broadened horizons for many low-budget productions.

Here’s a piece of sales literature that I found on a new tech website and thought my readers would find useful:

“The process of creating live, network-style productions of can be very costly and require massive amounts of expensive equipment and a large crew of people. TriCaster™ changes all of that, starting with pricing at $4,995 for education. In one lightweight, portable system (small enough to fit in a backpack), you have all of the tools, including live virtual sets (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet™ technology), required to broadcast, live stream, project, and record your show.

There is a reason that TriCaster is the standard in portable live production for major players like Fox Sports, MTV, VH1, NBA D-League, and the NHL. Its small footprint makes it possible to broadcast from anywhere, and TriCaster’s flexibility allows you to deliver live productions on your own or with a team. No matter where your plans for live broadcast take you, there is a NewTek TriCaster perfect for you.”

I decided to post Artie’s content from this website as he really captured the essence of TriCaster as an affordable solution, but that’s not the only benefit to you, the user when you decide to rent a TriCaster.

Here are the top ten things to consider when renting the TriCaster:

1. When renting the TriCaster, pick a company with a technical staff that truly understands the unit and can send someone in the field to help you if this is your first time using the unit.  Absolute Rental is a great example of a company that you should consider renting the TriCaster from.

2. Don’t take the fact you’re renting a small piece of technology for granted. Spend as much time as you feel you need on the pre-prep of the live production. Consult with the rental company early and as often as necessary to make sure every detail is covered.

3. The TriCaster does many things that you may or may not require, so you’ll have to make sure the operator you’re hiring is familiar with all skill sets you need, such as virtual sets or green screen removal.  Decide in advance what type of operator you’re looking for and consult with your rental company about his or her skills.

4. If you’re the producer or director, get to the rental company a day early to talk to the rental managers and ask basically play with the TriCaster you’ve rented for a little bit. It’s good to get familiar with the equipment prior to the date you’re using, and it might open your eyes to some of the extra features you’ll be able to enhance your project with.

5. When doing a live broadcast through the Internet with your TriCaster, make sure your venue has a fast Internet connection.  Renting the TriCaster is won’t help your production value if you have poor internet provided at the location you’re broadcasting from.

6. Number six is of critical importance: when renting the TriCaster, be sure to leave yourself enough time to check your details.  If you’re doing a live show, rehearse not only with the TriCaster switched on, but also thoroughly check your cameras and microphones.  Lots of interesting stuff can happen during a live show and you don’t want to miss it!

7. Make sure you’ve pre-approved your titling before you go to the location. You want to make sure that the titles you have with you are useable.  Simply because the TriCaster is small doesn’t mean you might not want to have an additional titling expert on staff. Once again, a company, Absolute Rentals, can help place you with the right expert for the job.

8. Another big consideration is to consider the value of the production and what would happen if any of your equipment went down, including the TriCaster. It’s very very rare for the TriCaster not to be fully functioning at all times, but what would you do in that rare moment when that happened?  There’s no workaround on a TriCaster, and your entire production would be brought to a screeching halt.  Consider renting the TriCaster twice, if you can fit it into your budget: having a spare is a sure way to avoid the Pepsi syndrome– at any moment, someone could spill a soda on your computer by accident, and it’s good to have a contingency plan.

9. Just because the equipment is smaller and easier does not mean you should skimp on paying your crew a fair wage for their work. Sometimes as the gear gets cheaper, one considers lowballing their crew, but this is a poor choice if you don’t want your production quality to suffer.  When it comes to doing live production, a talented crew is invaluable: I cannot stress this enough.

10. Finally, the most important consideration: if you’re shooting with the TriCaster on some kind of tropical island or beach paradise, it’s absolutely critical that you call me and invite me to come along.  I can be reached at

I hope you found this blog on renting the TriCaster informative, and thank you for checking out my blog!  For more specific detailed information about renting the TriCaster, you can always call us here at Absolute Rentals, 818-842-2828.  Thanks again, and thank you for visiting!