Production Servers – EVS

Rent the EVS-XT3 or Rent the EVS-XT2

The industry’s leading range of live production servers enable fast turnaround replays and highlights, reliable multicamera ingest and flexible playout. EVS production servers changed the replay and record process by introducing a loop process that never ends.  Loop recording is the guarantee you’ll never miss any of the action.

ID Make Model Daily Weekly
33044 EVS X File $800 $1,600
33043 EVS XT2 (6 Channel with remote) $3,200 $6,400
33047 EVS XT3 (8 Channel with remote) $4,850 $9,700

EVS Live Production Servers

When your content really matters!!

  • Sports, Concerts, Reality TV, Talk Show & Game Shows or any other time your content truly matters.
  • Live feed recording, slow and super motion replays, as well as clipping and playlist control.

As anyone in the broadcast industry has come to realize, we are in the era of live TV and live capture.  When your project requires a near real-time interactivity and ultra-fast turnaround, there is no better tool then the EVS-XT3.  Many of the top shows have already adopted the EVS workflow for their productions.

Live production servers that transforms live action into memorable stories

When you rent the EVS-XT3 or rent the EVS-XT2 you are hiring more then just a server-based solution. You are hiring the knowledge and confidence that your project will have an ultra-reliable playback and recording solution, with the tools to enable the efficient ingest, editing and enrichment of content in a highly collaborative, integrated environment.

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