Arri Alexa | Digital Cinema & Broadcast Camera


Absolute has been providing production services and equipment rentals to the studios and independent producers in Hollywood and Los Angeles since 1995. Over the years, we have seen many changes in technology and production workflow. One of our key departments for production is naturally camera. Since 2016, we have incorporated a large inventory of Digital Cinema and Broadcast cameras and lenses into what we can offer. Our hope always is that if you call Absolute Rentals, you don’t need to call anywhere else.

ALEXA Camera System

ALEXA has been designed to function as both a motion picture camera and a broadcast camera. For TV production, the time and cost savings as well as the extraordinary simplicity of ALEXA workflows will transform budgets and schedules, while the cinematic image quality will stagger viewers. For features, the sheer variety of outputs, functions, lenses and accessories will enable filmmakers to realize their visions without ever feeling restricted by technology.

Whether your production is destined for the silver screen or the TV screen, ALEXA will empower you to tell your story in exactly the way you think it should be told, with pictures of breathtaking richness and detail. There are no compromises; there is only choice.

The first ARRI ALEXA camera model was released during the summer of 2010, and its impact was immediate. “I’ve been a cameraman for more than 30 years and this is the first quantum leap in filmmaking technology I’ve seen since I started out,” said cinematographer Robert McLachlan CSC, ASC.

ALEXA 10th Anniversary

Over the course of a decade that has seen the most substantial technological shift in the cinematography industry since the arrival of color and sound, ARRI’s ALEXA camera system has been an unfailing constant: continually evolving, yet always producing the most natural and pleasing images. Trusted by the world’s top filmmakers, ALEXA has for 10 years set the benchmark against which all others are measured. The testimony of its users and its overwhelming ubiquity on lists of top-grossing, award-winning productions, singles ALEXA out as the most successful family of digital cinema cameras ever built.