B&M Lighting | Mac Tech Tungsten Series

Mac Tech Tungsten Series Overview

The Future of Light is now! The Mac Tech Tungsten line of fixtures has been used in motion pictures, television and live entertainment since 2006. Our design goal was to amplify light, not just reflect it. Mission accomplished! These fixtures reduce power consumption by up to 44%, heat by up to 25%; while exceeding the output of our competitors. Interchangeable lenses allows fast configuration of beam coverage and color temperature. Our fixtures are extremely sturdy yet half the weight of our competitors because they’re made out of high grade aluminum. Mac Tech Tungsten is the most energy efficient production light in the industry!

Mac Tech Tungsten 12 Light

The Mac Tech Mini Dino! The light with bulbs and lenses weighs only 60 lbs! Meaning you can safely load four of these with a 200 pound electrician in a condor. Now you have a 48 light dino system that draws only 288 amps. And with our new full CTB Daylight Lenses you can shoot anytime, anywhere!


Mac Tech Tungsten 9 Light

The Mac Tech Maxi! It weighs only 48 pounds and draws only 56 amps loaded with 750 watt bulbs. It’s 10% brighter than a standard par 64 maxi brute which weighs over 100 pounds and draws more than 90 amps. With our new full CTB Daylight Lenses you can shoot anytime, anywhere!


Mac Tech Tungsten 6 Light Convertible

The Mac Tech Convertible! A truly versatile lighting tool. It will outperform and take the place of old style top lights, coops, and pars. It can hang at any angle for lighting green & blue screens or be used while filming special effects with rigging. Don’t forget the Full CTB Daylight Lenses for further versatility!


Mac Tech Tungsten 6 Space Light

The Mac Tech Space Light! The most innovative piece of Mac Tech engineering thus far. It is the answer to the many problems standard FCM space lights bring to a budget. Plus the output on the floor is two times greater in foot candles, which gives the DP flexibility in his choice of film stock!