AJA Ki Pro | Disk Recorder

Let Absolute Rentals streamline your production workflow with AJA Ki Pro digital disk recorder rentals!

With so many cameras, formats, media and compression options available to work in; it can often be daunting getting from production to post in this digital tapeless world. This is where Absolute Rentals can help. Not only do they stock all formats of production cameras, decks and editing systems (and yes even those that still use tape); one of the latest additions to their line up is AJA’s Ki Pro digital disk recorders, which allow you to capture high-quality, edit-ready ProRes 422 footage direct from your camera. This means by renting a Ki Pro from Absolute and connecting it to virtually any camera, that you are able to go immediately from shoot to edit, bridging production and post-production while eliminating the need for log and capture prior to editing.

By using AJA’s Ki Pro from Absolute Rentals, you will gain monitoring flexibility through its numerous simultaneous outputs, allowing you to connect to both professional and consumer monitors while extending client viewing capabilities without interrupting the flow of production. The Ki Pro is portable and rugged; and designed for real production environments and because it features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs, you can interface with practically any type of camera you might rent or own.

AJA Ki Pro Rental

The Ki Pro is intuitive to operate and constructed with familiar VTR-like buttons providing immediate controls for basic operation. When configured with the optional exo-skeleton it can sit below your camera out of the way of your battery adapters, wireless mics and other accessories for seamless integration with your current camera rigs. You can even access the Ki Pro remotely from a distance using a web browser via ethernet to control operations from any computer and the standard Ki Pro can even be controlled via Wireless 802.11 with an iPhone or laptop computer for full remote access of all recording and playback functions.

Renting your Ki Pro from Absolute Rentals not only streamlines your entire production and post workflow but will help you save money and time, since the Ki Pro has the built-in capability to do simultaneous up/down and cross-conversions on board the device and output to multiple external devices in any of the supported formats. This incredible digital disk recording unit has a multitude of connections to integrate with all your other production gear and there is even a mode to allow for Stereo 3D input allowing you to record to the Ki Pro as either a side by side, mixed or muxed Stereo image.

With so many production, editing and delivery format requirements being placed upon you, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to simplify digital acquisition so that virtually any camera could record the same format and resolution in an easy to use manner that fits right in with your current workflow? The Solution — Absolute Rentals and the AJA Ki Pro digital disk recorder! Give them a call today to rent yours now. While you’re at it, let them supply you with any and all other Production, Post or Live Event Equipment needs. Absolute Rentals is “Absolutely” the only call you will need to make!